I’m off in a few days for an annual writer’s retreat in Texas.  I am planning on taking pictures while I’m there and pasting/posting them into this month’s journal when I return. (Well, I won’t actually post them, my wonderful web designer will be doing that, but I will supply the photos.)

So the writer’s retreat is held at a sprawling ranch just outside of Austin. Five of us (myself and Kathi Appelt, Jeanette Ingold, Kimberly Willis Holt, and Lola Schaefer) settle in for six fantastic days of writing, critiquing, reading, talking about everything under the moon, napping, walking, cow watching, cooking, and eating. 

But mostly, writing. 

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when the phone isn’t ringing and no one is knocking at your door to deliver, repair, sell, or chat. Amazing what you can accomplish when there are five of you to cook together, clean up together, and go grocery shopping together. 

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