My grandson started kindergarten yesterday.
How did that happen? He was a baby last Tuesday.

So I took him to pick out his backpack last week, and
we were talking about teachers. He asked me if his
teacher would tease. Tease?  I asked. “You know grandma,
be funny with me.” I couldn’t assure him of that, but we talked
about personalities, and how some people were naturally funny, and
some were not. I asked him if I was funny, and he said,
“No, you’re silly.” I’ll take silly. Then I told him that
more than anything, I hoped his teacher liked to read them
books. He didn’t miss a beat. “Now that’s silly.
All teachers like to read books.” I hope he’s right.
And another thing I hope; that she or he will see the heart and soul
and potential of this child I love so much. Even when he
doesn’t listen. Even when he pouts. Even when he struggles
to learn to read. I would like to tell them that he acts big and
sometimes bossy, but he’s so tiny inside. He’s only five,
after all. And luckily, most kindergarten teachers that I have met
are some of the most patient, loving people on the planet.
I just hope my grandson gets one of them. And maybe,
she’ll read lots of books. And maybe, she’ll even tease.

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