Over in the Pink House

These poems are
a part of my book,
Over in the Pink House.

~ July is jump rope time ~

I can just hear the echoing
of both the jump rope slapping
on sidewalks, and the rhyming chants in the air
during long afternoons and in
the evenings under the stars ...

Jumping Spell

blade of grass,
jump inside a looking glass.
Tap of heel,
holly tree,
he will fall in love with me.
Jasmine, clove,
jingle bell . . .
will he know it?
will he tell?
Ink and ivy,
this be true:
he will love me
through and through.

Summer and Snow

Cup of summer,
bowl of snow,
who's the best friend
that you know?
Might be Charlotte,
might be me . . .
Choose! So everyone can see.

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