In the Spin of Things
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"These imaginative poems could be used to inspire children's own creative writing."

"Dotlich has fun with the sounds of words, and reading aloud these short rhythmic lines will make kids find poetry in ordinary things, from a pencil sharpener that "whittles and whirs," and ice cubes "mixing, scrambling / changing places," to a crushed soda can in the wind "tin-tumbling its way / down a dark / city street." (The big, bright, jolly illustrations occasionally take over,) ... but the young audience will enjoy seeing girls and boys like themselves shrieking on a roller coaster, and then quietly ironing a shirt ("Glide up. / Slide down. / Ride around / the buttons"). A nice companion to Mother Goose nonsense, this exuberant physical romp is grounded in realism and the joy of language."

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