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A wonderful and touching tribute to the love that grandparents have for their grandchildren. On each spread, an adorable young pig describes what he or she enjoys doing with Grandpa: "Grandpa loves / bare feet and bagles. / Coffee with cream. / Flipping the pancakes / and mornings / with me." The illustrations alternate between scenes that chronicle everyday activities, from camping to building a tree house, and snapshots of these special times arranged as if in a photo albume. The facial expressions show just how much the family members enjoy being together. In the final picture, a smiling Grandpa shares a meal with all of the grandchildren featured on the previous pages. Painted in soft, warm colors, the artwork adds greatly to the feeling of love that pervades this book."

"...instead of being a paen to the relationship between child and parent, it's Grandpa who takes center stage ... Grandpa and the young narrator are particularly appealing pigs, drawn in the tradition of Holly Hobbie. Some of the art appears in the form of snapshots from a photo album set against softly colored backgrounds. Cheerful and cozy, this has a nice feeling to it."

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