On our front steps
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because my English teacher, Mrs. Doris Bradford, read to us, and enjoyed poetry. She didn't ask us to tell her what it meant, she simply read the poem, closed her eyes, and shut the book. I mustered the courage to show Mrs. Bradford my poems. She called me up after class and told me that I would be published one day. She said, "Did you know that you are a poet?" Mrs. Bradford's words still ring in my head. Thank goodness.

I also had grumpy Mrs. Walters when I was a sophomore. You can't have everything.

I know high school can be a hard time for many kids. I was lucky, I guess. I had good friends, a boyfriend or two, and life was pretty good. I wrote for the school paper and creative writing journal. I was good at English and art, but the other classes were something I studied for, yet wasn't that interested in. Looking back, maybe I should have been more involved. Maybe tried acting, or being involved in a sport. Nah, I would do it the same all over again. That makes us who we are. I really didn't want to do it then, and I probably wouldn't now. Looking back on those days, I think, what was not to like? Slumber parties, driving, dancing— and dreaming.

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